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A Family Owned Business

Maid Impressions Cleaning Services is a family owned business that began in an unusual way. We, the founders, were busy professionals with an active family life. Years ago, we started using professional cleaning companies to clean our home. We loved being able to take “Clean the House” off our to do list! The professional cleaners freed up so much time for us. It truly was a godsend. However, over the years, we would continue to be disappointed by different cleaning companies. Each company would all start-off strong and then become complacent, repeating the same cleaning services all the time. Some would even forget to empty trash cans under sinks, clean laundry room sinks, and clean the stove. You name it, we saw it. For some time we thought “well it happens.”

We knew there was a better way to provide residential cleaning services to those busy professionals who needed it the most

We noticed a higher quality of cleaning service from a pair of cleaners we worked with. As time passed, we learned more about them and could see their satisfaction with their employer was dwindling. It was obvious they were not treated well. The service they provided remained excellent, until these particular cleaners left the company. The crew that replaced them was nowhere near the level of skill, care, or professionalism the original clearers presented. We realized the employer needed to take better care of their employees. Of course, this left us unhappy with their services, so we would hire a new company and the cycle would repeat itself. We quickly became frustrated with the inconsistent services. However, we knew having professional cleaners clean our home was basically an asset and we knew other busy families like ours felt the same.

That is how we became interested in the residential cleaning industry. We knew there was a better way to provide residential cleaning services to those busy professionals who needed it the most. As busy professionals who were also suffering from the typical corporate pressures as the people who cleaned our home, we started researching a better system. A better way to keep the customer, cleaners, and employees happy. We initially thought, “How hard can that be?” Well it was harder than we thought… We looked at developed franchises and quickly realized that was the typical corporate model we wanted to stay away from. So, we continued our research and spoke to other cleaners, cleaning vendors, and customers. We spent time researching better business models and cleaning systems that included green products, and most of all, ways to keep our employees and customers satisfied.

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After years of research the answer was actually quite simple. We turned the typical corporate model upside down.

Our Business Model

We placed employees and customers on top of the model and put the company on the bottom. We decided to open up Maid Impressions Cleaning Services by implementing our improved business model and hiring the very best talent in the industry.

Our Team

Every member of our team is dedicated to providing the best in both customer and employee satisfaction. We know taking care of our top tier, our customers and employees, will help Maid Impressions Cleaning Services thrive!